Michelle Springer BEd (Hons), PhD



Michelle Springer


Current Position

Director of Guidance and Educational Consultant



Research, education, writing, climbing, reading, theatre, cinema, art deco


Currently Reading

"The Goldfinch" Donna Tartt

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I believe that all teaching resources should be open source.  We're all doing the same job and, often, trying to do similar things in isolation. Websites like the TES, BBC Class Clips and charity groups often have great resources that we can all use for free. But we also need to put them together into coherent Schemes of Work that make sense for our own particular students and school community.


Within the Faculty of Well-Being (Citizenship, PSHE, RE and Careers) we put all our Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans and resources onto the school website where students and their parents or carers can see and use them, as well as other teachers. I am obviously grateful to those sites and organisations whose material we have used in some of the Schemes of Work, and these are referenced, either in the relevant Scheme of Work or within the resource itself.


I will be adding useful links and resources to this page over time. However, for the moment I direct you to the Well-Being website for PSHE at Thomas Tallis School, where you will find some lesson plans, schemes of work and resources. These are constantly being added to so put it in your favourites!

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