Michelle Springer BEd (Hons), PhD



Michelle Springer


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Director of Guidance and Educational Consultant



Research, education, writing, climbing, reading, theatre, cinema, art deco


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"The Goldfinch" Donna Tartt

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Field Work

Five Nations Network Small-Scale Research Initiative

London - UK and Dublin - IRELAND, December 2011-December 2012


This is a one year small-scale research initiative into the process of working collaboratively across nations in real time and built on everyday school experiences. The project involved an initial meeting and then virtual planning, backed up with team teaching across the two jurisdictions. The results of the project will be diseminated at a conference in December 2011 and in the sharing of possible practice in effective cross-border work via the creation of an online community.


Ten Years Since 9/11: What is your school doing?

Human Rights Action Centre, Amnesty International

London - UK, 2011


I was approached to form a part of the team developing, planning, preparing and delivering an education event aimed at teachers of Citizenship, PSHE, RE and Humanities, as well as school leaders. This was a collaboration between the Association for Citizenship Teaching, Amnesty International, the PSHE Association and the Three Faiths Forum. For materials produced for this event go to Amnesty International


VISTA Training and the European Charter for Democratic Schools Without Violence

Katowice and surrounds - POLAND, September 2007

Timisoara and surrounds - ROMANIA, January 2008

Corato and surrounnds - ITALY, April 2008


This was an ongoing project run under the auspices of the European Commenius program that aimed to encourage the democratic participation of students in European schools.  Representatives from 10 European countries worked together to produce a model that could be used in schools across Europe to raise student voice and combat the growing incidence of violence in school communities.  There was an initial meeting to evaluate the potential of the VISTA training program for reducing violence and to design strategies for rolling out the Charter in participating schools.  Subsequent meetings were held to set up links between regions and schools and coordinate projects and to share good practice.


Teacher International Professional Development (TIPD) Program

DeCarteret College

Mandeville - JAMAICA, October 2006


This program focused on Teaching and Learning in Citizenship, including extracurricular activities and student voice.  This involved one week spent in a school in Mandeville, Jamaica observing Citizenship classes and conducting interviews with the Student Council and Senior Students.  The results of this program have been used for, and continue to inform, the development of the Student Council and extracurricular activities at Northumberland Park Community School.


Educational Study Visit

Toronto - CANADA, February 2005


Selected as one of ten UK teachers to spend a week in Toronto, Ontario to observe Citizenship Education best practice in Canadian schools.  We visited a range of primary and secondary schools, as well as the Ministry of Education and local education authorities, within a tight schedule.  Upon our return we were required to write individual formal reports, as well as disseminate our findings to the school and broader academic community.


Five Months Overseas Field Research



I spent three months in Brazil, acquiring materials and conducting interviews for my PhD thesis.  Much of the time was spent at ‘Unilivre’, the environment university in Curitiba.  Research was also conducted in São Paulo city through NGOs, industry leaders, the SP University and the municipal council, as well as in Brasília, focusing on government sources and contacts within the Environment and Education Ministries.  The remainder of my field work was undertaken at the United Nations (UNEP and UNDP in particular), New York and Unesco, Paris.


Group Leader

Estação de Tratamento de Água (Water Treatment Plant)

Jaú, São Paulo - BRAZIL, 1996


Leader for a three-day educational visit, based at the Jauense Water Treatment Plant, for 10-13 year olds.  We studied water ecology and treatment, erosion and local history relating to ecological systems.  Practical activities, such as planting trees in heavily eroded areas and water analysis, were also undertaken.


Three Months Overseas Field Research

1994 - 1995


Research conducted for my honours thesis. Literature search performed at Oregon University, Eugene, CO. U.S.A.  Acquiring materials and forming contacts in the area of Environmental Education, in Peru and Brazil.  Most of the research was conducted in Brazil, based around the case-study of a local Environmental Education program in the state of São Paulo.